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Gray Forklift - Mitsubishi Sales and Hire Aberdeen

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Meet the Team

Meet the people behind Gray Forklift - experienced, passionate profesionals who together form a formidable team

Peter Gray

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 40

Job Role: The Boss

Claims to Fame: Once got a hole in one at the local golf course...

Favourite pastime/hobby: Spending time with the Grandchildren and playing golf

Lynne Tutt

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 14

Job Role: Making new things happen.....

Claims to Fame: Driven a Formula One car around Monaco

Favourite pastime/hobby: Shopping for handbags and shoes!

Peter Gray Jnr

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 15

Job Role: Bits & Pieces...

Claims to Fame: I used to be a racing driver in America

Favourite pastime/hobby: Motor Sport and Fast Cars

Keith Robertson

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 27

Job Role: The Fat Controller

Claims to Fame: Drove the first steam passenger train on the Deeside railway since 1966

Favourite pastime/hobby: Steam Railways

Diane Bordones

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 8

Job Role: Sweet talking the customers

Claims to Fame: Was engaged to Michael Buble but gave him up to work at Gray Forklift Services

Favourite pastime/hobby: Walking my dogs, bungee jumping and drinking wine!

John Craig

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 16

Job Role: Counting the number of forklift trucks

Claims to Fame: Took part in “10 under the Ben” – a 10 hour mountain bike race

Favourite pastime/hobby: Staying out of trouble!

Barry Skinner

Number of years at Gray Forklift Services: 15

Job Role: The go-between

Claims to Fame: I once had road rage with Marti Pellow

Favourite pastime/hobby: Always at work so don’t have time for one...

Nick McCrea

Job Role: Selling an award winning range of forklift trucks

Claims to Fame: Whilst working in a restaurant, I once served the band Kasabian…. very rock ’n’ roll…. ”would you like some black pepper, sir?”

Favourite pastime/hobby: Eating out and any sport you can think of really, much to the bemusement of the missus!

Chris Keogh

Job Role: Sales, Sales, Sales

Claims to Fame: One Karaoke song at McNasty’s bar in Aberdeen turned into a ‘One night only with Chris Keogh’

Favourite pastime/hobby: Huge Liverpool FC Fan, hobbies include playing football, tennis, cricket & golf

Stuart McPherson

Job Role: A bit of this and a bit of that

Claims to Fame: Shook hands with Prince Charles at Holyrood

Favourite pastime/hobby: Socialising, catching up with family and Friends and weekends away

Bartosz Kaminski

Job Role: All things nuts and bolts

Claims to Fame: I used to be a professional break dancer for 7 years

Favourite pastime/hobby: Gym but I don’t have time for it and when I have time I’m too lazy..I promise I will start next week!

Farzad Manesh

Job Role: Tactical Forklift Logistic

Claims to Fame: Currently holds the title “Beard of the Year 2014"

Favourite pastime/hobby: Films and Football

Hazel Arnold

Job Role: The Task Master

Claims to Fame: Bumped into Allan Carr whilst shopping in Dundee

Favourite pastime/hobby: Shopping and playing darts

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